That girl rules!
Name Zalga
Gender female
Species human
Introduced In Night of the Cactus!
Played by Kate Freund

Zalga is Ronmark's ex girlfriend from the episode Night of the Cactus! She gets back together with Ronmark at the beginning of the episode, but quickly dumps him again for being a massive clownbag. At that point she is kidnapped by the Cactus Monster who falls in love with her. After being rescued by The Aquabats, she helps them develop the cure to the cactus' space infection and ultimately is the one to destroy the monster.


Zalga appears with a light red coat,with black stripes,and a gray shirt under.

Zalga is also wearing dark purple pants,and black shoes.

She has blonde hair.


Zalga has no inherent abilities. She shows an adeptness at science, as she is able to help Jimmy and the Aquabats create the anti-mutagen in the laboratory. But she also shows considerable bravery and righteous fury when she wants to be the one to destroy the monster.


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When we first meet Zalga, she has recently broken up with Ronmark - most likely for his jerky behavior.  After getting back together with him, she breaks up with him again after he mixes her up with his ex-girlfriend: Blandy.

After that, she is cold and distant and outright agressive towards Ronmark, and rebukes his advances after being saved from the Cactus Monster.  As she drives away, she seems to relish the distress she causes him.

The Cactus MonsterEdit

The AquabatsEdit

The Aquabats save Zalga from the Cactus Monster, and so after the entire ordeal, she pays them the money Rondork promised. She generally seems to be friendly with them, and they generally seem to think that she rules.


  • Zalga hates goats.


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