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"Yo, Check Out This Ride!"
Cover large.jpg
Release Date: 2004
Length: 13:32
Tracks: 5
Record Label: none (self-released)
Producer: The Aquabats

"Myths, Legends, and Other Amazing Adventures, Vol. 2"

Yo, Check Out This Ride! is an EP released by The Aquabats in 2004. This was the first Aquabats release to feature Ricky Fitness on drums and the last to feature longtime member Prince Adam. The first 2 tracks "Yo, Check Out This Ride" and "Todd-1 In Space Mountain Land!" were the only songs on the EP fully written by The Aquabats, while the last three songs are covers, put on the album according to the band "just for fun." The cover art (depicting a horseback Aquabat lassoing a strange creature) was painted by Brandon Bird and is a parody of the 1969 Happy Trails album cover by Quicksilver Messenger Service. The EP was originally available only through the band's official website and the band's live shows.

Now, you can currently buy original CD pressings of the EP on the official Gloopy website ""

Production History[]

This whole EP was recorded and mixed at Adam Deibert's home studio. The EP was fully produced and released by The Aquabats themselves with no affiliation with any record label or producer.

Track listing[]

  1. " Yo, Check Out This Ride!" – 3:32 (The Aquabats)
  2. "Todd-1 In Space Mountain Land!" – 1:31 (The Aquabats)
  3. "Zero Hour!" – 2:07 (Written by The Plimsouls)
  4. "Big Sky!" – 3:03 (Written By The Kinks)
  5. "Throw Away the Trash!" – 3:19 (Written by Kids of Widney High)



- An early demo of the title track was featured on the "Nitro Records $1 Tour CD Vol. 1" compilation, released a year after the EP

- A demo of "Todd-1 In Space Mountain Land!" was featured as a downloadable song on The Aquabats official website as part of the Myths, Legends, And Other Amazing Adventures mini-page, along with other Aquabats rarities not featured on any releases at that point.

- "Throw Out The Trash" segues into a cover of "The Dream Police" by Cheap Trick.



Footage of the last known performance of the title track: