"Yo, Check Out This Ride!"
Cover large
Release Date: 2004
Length: 13:32
Tracks: 5
Record Label: none (self-released)
Producer: The Aquabats

"Myths, Legends, and Other Amazing Adventures, Vol. 2"

Yo, Check Out This Ride! is an EP released by The Aquabats in 2004. It is the band's first self-produced and released recording since 1995|1995's The Return of the Aquabats!. The title track deals with the recent trend of car customization like that featured in MTV's Pimp My Ride. Track two, Todd-1 in Space Mountain Land is a remake of a B-side long available on their website, [1]. The last three songs are covers, done, according to the band, "just for fun." The cover art (depicting a horseback Aquabat lassoing a strange creature) was painted by Brandon Bird and is a parody of the 1969 Happy Trails (album)|Happy Trails album cover by Quicksilver Messenger Service. The EP is available only through the band's official website and the band's live shows.

Production HistoryEdit

Track listingEdit

  1. " Yo, Check Out This Ride!" – 3:32 (The Aquabats)
  2. "Todd-1 In Space Mountain Land!" – 1:31 (The Aquabats)
  3. "Zero Hour!" – 2:07 (The Plimsouls)
  4. "Big Sky!" – 3:03 (The Kinks)
  5. "Throw Away the Trash!" – 3:19 (Kids of Widney High)


Trivia Edit

"Throw Out The Trash" segues into a cover of "The Dream Police" by Cheap Trick.




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