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As soon as Natalie Nielsen got into the convention around 12:30 p.m. Friday she made a beeline, her sister Natasha Nielsen in tow,for the booth where MC Bat Commander of the Orange County-bred quirky rock band the Aquabats would be signing autographs at 2 p.m. Nielsen, 21, told the Bat Commander – who’s also known as Christian Jacobs when he’s not fighting crime or rockin’ out with the Aquabats – that she goes to adult school at the Westminster Mall, she wants to play saxophone for the band and have her secret identity be Lava Fish. She asked him to autograph a photo of the two of them she got one day years ago when she walked and rode her bike to a Fountain Valley doughnut shop where she met Jacobs. “I didn’t realize about the Aquabats until I heard their music and then I fell in love,” Neilsen said. Walking away from the table she showed off the signature she’d acquired: “Your pal fo’ eva’ – The MC BC.” - OC Register

“Your pal fo’ eva’ – The MC BC.”

LavaFish Calling For Duty!

===I'm a fish guy made out of molten lava. I do lose my temper when comes to burst into flames. I have a ability to copy or absorb another's powers or skills for a short time (I'm trying my best to temporarily merge my team into a single being but it goes wrong all beacuse the Bat Commander wants to spilt and Jimmy is unadle to handle the merging). My Sonic screams are annoying, My Waterbreathing is fine but I can't swim. Fire and heat manipulation I have is ANWSOME! I do have same power the Fire breath of a thousand dragons it only happens if I eat too much hot sauce I can't hande. I don't like crying babies and crying childen. I really like MC Bat Commander alot but he think of me more like a Rookie or Sidekick! Jimmy The robot is more the robotic brains to me than iam. Bones will maybe learn how conrol fire like me but I like his Dude. Crash I'm not bigger anought to have this temper he like me to be his teddy bear but I like him just the same. Ricky is the type of guy I need to catch up! He's so Fast man! I wish he do work for me! I'm the sixth member of if there any qestion go to the links below!===

Your pal fo’ eva’ - LavaFish