The Aquabats! Wiki

Hello heroes! This is Breshvic Penicillin, founder and sometimes leader of Revengerists the Revengerists! We have a Consortium of crime-fighting and globe-trotting adventurebattling! Check out our wiki for more on all that noise.

We have always supported the Aquabats through the good times and lean, (either as Cadets or allies against nefarious villainy), and wish them best in their battles and quests to depose the forces of evil and restore their beautiful Aquabania to full glory!

I have added the Aquabats and their vitally important lore to our wiki as well, as such heroes and villains, the eternal fight between good and evil, the rise of all things Awesome, exist together in an infinite Omniverse.

Keep up the good work, crime-fighters!