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Sharkbait is sidekick aqua cadet to the leader of the aquabats band The MC Bat Commander which is not true? She was found by Professor on exhibition on Seabee Island that had a history of Ninja related stuff. In the past the Ninja traped herself in a sphere of Amber. Her trans like state kept her alive, albeit not fully conscious. Many years later Monty found her and was freed from the Amber but had no memory of what happen to her clan until she found them as skeletons. This made her completely emotional from guilt and lost cause a Storm Manipulation from finding the truth. Monty was almost going to die until Ninjkabat managed to clam her down. She declared sadly while hugging him with tears steaming down her face that she was the last ninja on Seabee Island. After this she is now Helping the Aquacadets and The Aquabats to stop Space Monster M. But she knows that her Enemy the Jade Dragon is awaking soon that she needs help from the Aquabats to stop this fiend altough she is starting to befriend Sharks.


Real Name: Natalie Melisa Nielsen

Super Identity: Sharkbait (Aquacadet and Ninja)

Height: 5'2

Weight: 178 LBS

Eyes:  Brown

Hair: Dark Brown

Hair Style: Willing to grow long hair again

Place Of Birth: Seabee Island outside in the pacific ocean

Known Relatives: She doesn't want to talk about it.

Group Affiliation: Leader of Rollerbats and The Shark Fighting Center, Wishing to join the Ninja Cadets and Piratebats, and more

Strength Level:  She doesn't show superhuman strength until some bad guy made her feel upset or angry or getting emotional

Big Turn Ons: Freeing the people of Aquabania, Justice, Helping the innocent, Saving the World, Being fearless with a fearless cadet team.

Big Turn Offs: Getting angry and frustrated due to having a disability, not trying to be fearless, and the floating eye monster attacking the Aquabats.

Little Turns Ons: Helping the Aquabats, Trying not to lose the battle, Singing along, Bringing Ska Back, Talking with sharks

Little Turn Offs: Having 9 year old boy/girl voice due to disability, Unable to Wing It, Angering Bat Commander by accident, Annoying Jimmy, Not saving Eagle "Bones" in time, Bringing Sharks to a party

Weakness: Tomatos (Unless they are Ketchup), Mutant Killer Tomatos

Musical Likes: She like any types of music eras but her favorite band so far will have to be The Beatles, Gorillaz and The Aquabats themselves. Some kids think that shes a dork and dumb as door knob for starting to like the Gorillaz too late. She also likes surf music and hawaiian music

Occupation: She is currently unemployed but is willing to find a job.

Super Abilities[]


She possesses a Hypnotic Finger Ray that belong to The MC Bat Commander. Like MC she has the power to winging it causing her to unlock MC oldest super ability that he had forgotten to this day the Fire breath of a two thousand dragons which can use to BBQ her enemies and cause a building to go a on fire at two seconds. She has heat ray vision and when She gets emotional, she will cause her to give the incredible strength of 20 radical dinosaurs and can lift 1 to 30 cars at ounce. She can feign his death in a last ditch effort to escape, and in place of her body he leaves a decoy of herself with a bomb in place of the head that explodes, flying and injuring everyone in the vicinity. Sharkbait has the ability to use Ninjutsu, the historic style of martial arts, tactics, strategy, and espionage of unconventional and guerrilla warfare.


She has a huge size catapult that she can use to pounce and lunge at her enemies the catapult can turn into pocket size to put in her pocket where ever she needs to use it again.