• I live in Los Angeles
  • I was born on January 4
  • My occupation is Maker
  • I am Male

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Secret Identity
Miles Constantine Mathews
Actor/Prop Maker

AWESOME LAD is a an Aquabats fan, collector and "historian".
He is known for his now defunct webshow Aquabats Obsessed.
He is and Official AquaCadet.



Awesome Lad was first introduced to the music of The Aquabats in 2005. That same year he attended his first Aquabats concert and that's when he became a huge fan.
He has since then started collected Auabats memorabilia and rarities and has built up a nice collection, which he is slowly archiving on tumblr.

Miles Constantine MathewsEdit

Miles grew up in the small town of Los Angeles. Early in his life he found a liking for making and creating things. In high school he started making Aquabats costumes, with his first costume being a FEOD era costume with homemade rashguard.
He is currently working on his goal of making props and costumes full time.

Appearance on The Aquabats Super ShowEdit


  • The Power of Awesome


Official Aquacadet Fan Club - #121010
The L0LZ Gang
Forcebats - #10 Sith Lord
Ninja Cadets
Astrobats - #0044 Private
Official Aquacadet Fan Club
SteamBat Cadet

External LinksEdit

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