UCSD Sun God Festival 2008Edit

Every year, the UC San Diego school holds a festival and the Sun God statue on the cam
JmWORK sg08
pus serves as its mascot. This year's festival included two concert stages, comedians and dance teams, vendors, and inflatables. Tickets are only available for students to buy for themselves or for their friends. The Aquabats had played this festival in 2000 and were invited back to play in 2008. They played the main stage earlier in the afternoon. Other notable musicians to play the main stage after them were Living Legends, Say Anything, Sean Kingston, and Coheed & Cambria. Since there was no video screen to play an intro video, the band instead intro'ed with a seldom heard building-synthesizer music piece.


Fashion Zombies
Stuck In A Movie
Lovers Of Loving Love
Look At Me, I'm a Winner
Pizza Day
Red Sweater

Jimmy helps the Commander lay the winning smackdown on The Evil Tortilla Man who tried to stop the show.

CD Repoman
Super Rad
Pool Party
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