Basic Info Edit

Little is known about Toxic Waste Man, but one thing is for sure, he's an evil scientist planning on poisoning the entire ocean! He is often seen in sewers and near the beach dumping toxic waste into the sea.

Appearance Edit

He is often seen wearing a green jumpsuit and a gas mask to protect against his toxic waste.

Biography Edit

Toxic Waste Man grew up in Orange County California and lived a nice cozy life with his father being a chemist working on different chemicals to use for science and his mother being a stay home mom, everything was fine until one day, his father died from accidentally flooding his entire lab with toxic waste, killing his father. When TWM heard the news he did not begin to develop a hatred over said toxic waste, he begin to think EVERYONE should feel the horrors of toxic waste! So once he turned 18 he went to college to study chemistry and began to start poisoning different college dorms with different deadly chemicals, when he graduated from college he began to set up a lab in the sewers and started poisoning every source of water he could find! While he did encounter the aquabats, he has not been caught, some say he still roams the sewers this very day.

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