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Name Tina
Gender female
Species human
Introduced In Floating Eye of Death!
Played by Becca Greene

Tina is the gas station attendent from the episode Floating Eye of Death! She was saved from zombification by The Aquabats and ultimately helped Jimmy complete his slice and dice laser to defeat The Floating Eye of Death. She currently holds the record on the "It's a Cartoon" video game, and has a habit of getting The Aquabats' names mixed up or just plain not knowing them.


she is a human was brunette hair,


she can punch very well

she has time traveling powers


she has a massive crush on trusty dusty, but he fancies Zalga

she hates the mc commander somehow,


she said that ''she hated her human brunette hair'', hinted that she was a alien in disguise, everyone was left shocked by this, and said no more about it

she revealed that she is american alaskan, saying that she was raised in anchorage


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