The Mystery of ThunderboltEdit


The Only Photo Of Thunderbolt Ramshackle (

Merely a small boy with no name at The Aquabats Super Show. Or is he?

Thunderbolt Ramshackle was first seen at The Aquabats SuperShow filming at the Glasshouse in Pomona, CA on November 5th, 2011. He named by MC Bat Commander himself, after T.R. did not say his name, probably very shy or too extreme.

His eyes merely said his stories of epic battles, heroism, and crying over his lost binky.

He currently holds the "unofficial world record for smallest child ever on stage at a Aquabats Show". MC Bat Commander said how easy it would be to throw far if he would be thrown into the crowd, but did not.


Real Name: Unknown

Occupation: Honorary Aquabat

Place Of Birth: The trenches of the deep. Where no Shark Fighter has gone before.

Known Relatives: All presumed dead.

Height: 3' 5"

Weight: 58 lbs

Eyes: Green

Hair: Blonde

Weapons: His innocence

Musical Likes: Anything Yo Gabba Gabba related

Turn Ons: Apple Sauce

Turn Offs: Rated PG shows, he's too young.

This Link Provides The ONLY Proof Of His Existace.

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