The Time Sprinkler
I'm sending you into a time-loop
Name The Time Sprinkler
Gender Male
Species Unknown
Introduced In Tiger Rider vs. the Time Sprinkler
Voiced by Jimmy the Robot

This enemy was first introduced in the song, "Tiger Rider vs. the Time Sprinkler" from the album Charge!! The title says it all. The description of him from the song is as follows:

The super-villian
He's so cartoonish
His fiendish plots and plans
Have been put to action
He is Time Sprinkler
He's launched an army of creeps
And now the rider must ride


The Time Sprinkler has been depicted in various ways, but always seems to have the recurring motif of being old. Both real-life versions and his cameo in The Aquabats Super Show he has a beard, flowing gray hair, and a gray face. When he appears in real life, he also wears a flowing brown robe and usually has some type of watch somewhere.


The source of his abilities changes with every incarnation, but are usually related to the control of time. In The Aquabats Super Show, he is shown to have almost limitless time-powers, acting much like omnipotent energy beings from Star Trek, whereas it is shown in Crash vs. The Time Sprinkler that destroying his wrist watch of power will defeat him as well.


The AquabatsEdit

It is unknown why he hates The Aquabats, but has made many appearances at shows. It is possible that he is under the employ of Space Monster 'M', as his constant hounding of The Bats is consistent with other allies of the Space Monster.

In The Aquabats Super Show, he seems to be very old acquaintances with The Aquabats, and they definitely recognize him. He almost seems jovial as he sends them into the time loop for the duration of the show.

Appearance in "The Aquabats! Super Show!"Edit

The Time Sprinkler makes an appearance, fittingly, in the cartoon segment for the episode "Showtime!" The Aquabats seem to know him, but no additional backstory is provided. He seems rather jovial, but sentences the Aquabats to relive the past year of their lives over again. He, in essence, causes the first season's storyline to loop upon itself, with the cartoon's plot in the first episode picking up where the live action's plot leaves off in the last episode.




Crash vs The Time Sprinkler

Crash vs The Time Sprinkler

The Aquabats V The time sprinkler @ adelaide soundwave

The Aquabats V The time sprinkler @ adelaide soundwave


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