The Soulutions were a Ska/Soul/Pop band based in Ceder City, Utah. They were formed by some of the original members of GOGO13 apparently around 1995 and continued to be active until September 2001.


All Smacked Up my P200E Edit

This was The Soulutions first demo tape, released in 1996.

For Pete's Sake Edit

The Soulutions first CD, released in 1997.

Tracks included:

  1. "Ship To Shore"
  2. "Melanie (In Jail For A Felony)"
  3. "James Brown Stole My Van"
  4. "Creepy Little Brother"
  5. "Pink Armadillo"
  6. "Back for More"
  7. "Memorial Day"

This Is What You Get Edit

In 1999 The Soulutions released a collection of live and studio recordings onto CD called "This Is What You Get" on Orchard Records.

  1. "Angelo" – 3:03 (live)
  2. "So Fine"(live)
  3. "You're Not There" – 3:24 (live)
  4. "Bo" – 3:26 (live)
  5. "Go On and Get Married" – 4:32 (live)
  6. "Memorial Day" – 3:06 (live)
  7. "James Brown (Song by The Soulutions)|James Brown" – 3:06 (live)
  8. "BOM Squad" – 1:33 (live)
  9. "Hush" – 3:28 (live)
  10. "Do Right" – 3:49 (studio)
  11. "My Defense" - 3:48 (studio)
  12. "Take An Easy Stroll In Me" - 2:58 (studio)

Unreleased Album Edit

In 2001, The Soulutions were working on tracks for their final studio album. Due to lack of funds and band members going their own ways, it was never entirely finished. However, seven semi-finished tracks were leaked and encouraged by the band to be passed around online, due to their breakup.

These tracks included:

  1. Carried Along
  2. Find Out
  3. Liberty Park
  4. Self Respect
  5. Something To Be Said

Personnel Edit

Although the lineup went through several changes, some key members were,

  • Micah Player - Vocals, Keyboard
  • Jeff Dotson - Lead Guitar
  • Ben Crosby - Drums
  • Keith Sorensen (FPS) - Drums
  • Jerame "Tilt" Tyree - Trumpet
  • Jon Smith - Trombone
  • Nick Schulz - Tenor sax
  • Dustin Anderson - Alto sax
  • Steve Swift (TIWYG)- Bass
  • Chris "Spacehawk" Proctor - Bass
  • Jeremy Tilton (FPS) - Bass
  • Steph Player - backup vocals

Trivia Edit

  • BOM Squad is a Ska cover of the Mormon children's song "Book of Mormon Stories" and was featured in the film The Singles Ward. This cover carried over with Ben and Jeff from when they played it in GOGO13.
  • "Do Right" was also included on the Rice Capades compilation.
  • After The Soulutions officially broke up 2001, Micah, Ben, Spacehawk and Jeff went on to form the indie/soul band, Vista:Four. Spacehawk went on to form The Willkills (Punk/ska) and then The Modifiers (punk/surf/hardcore).
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