The Lil Bat (also known as the Bat Pal) is the mascot of The Aquabats. Emblazoned on most of their merchandise, he is a symbol for the band and the awesomeness therin. With a bat-like appearance, a lack of seperated wing structures, arms, and an appearance of wearing some sort of black suit, the Lil Bat seems to be the visual translation of what an aquatic bat would look like. He sports Aquabats goggles and a large 'A' on his chest, and has been known to wield a wide variety of weaponry, symbolizing the passion with which the Aquabats attack evil. Images of him have included him carrying a torch, a sword, firing missiles, and many other cool poses.


Revitilization by PeyEdit

When the popular artist Pey started their run of drawing The Aquabats, their newly stylized way of drawing the Lil Bat caused a surge of his popularity. Before, the Bat Pal had only really appeared in variations of the same front-facing pose. But in Pey's drawings, new and emotive poses popped up, including a running pose and a dancing pose. These pictures caused fan artists of The Aquabats to break from the traditional pose and draw the Lil Bat in new and interesting ways.

The newly designed Lil Bat can be seen on the current website. While the design for the powerbelts remains the same, Pey's version has obviously become the more current version, especially when related to The Aquabats Super Show.

Appearances on MerchandiseEdit

Bat plush

The official Bat Pal plush toy as it appeared on the Merch Site

The Lil Bat appears on a lot of Aquabats merchandise, including the following
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