This song could be about the PlayStation 1 game, LSD Dream Emulator, where a Gray Man with a blank stare can sneak up on you. He disappears in a bright flash, but in the dark you cannot see him.

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Written about the boredom that can sometimes prevail in an everyday predictable american life, the music and lyrics seem to mirror the sentiment. Despite the saucy sax parts, the song kind of floated down stream into a disposal. An alternative version exists with rapping instead of singing, but no one knows where it is. Let's thank The Ultra Kyu for another strange song. Let's also thank Yes for the "Owner of a Lonely Heart" riff.


Oh, it's not what you think
By the way The Greay Man winks
All you have to dance a jig
When you'd rather flip your wig
Wether Summer or it's fall
Or you're sealed up in a wall
Let the mystery unfold
Of the seven books of gold...
Please bring all your photographs
We'll cut the cake and have a laugh
But just outside the garden gate
I know The Grey Man stands and waits
For all my friends to leave again
So our royal party ends
He's always been right here with me
But is he real or make-believe?
Oh, it's not what you think
By the way The Grey Man winks
You see him standing by the wall
When he's really ten feet tall
I saw him in the woods
He is not bad, but is no good
He won't go into the light
But in the dark, he's outta sight!
We'll go out and we'll be great
To sit and chat by the tailgate
Barbeque the weiner dogs
Camper shell, potato logs
Head inside the game and then,
Root, root, root and home again
The Grey Man will be waiting there
Matching us with his blank stare
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