Martha and Ralph Goodman
A most DEVOted father.
Name Martha and Ralph Goodman
Gender male and female
Species human
Introduced In Bad Apple!
Played by Mark Mothersbaugh and J.J. Neward

Martha and Ralph Goodman are Jimmy's parents from the season two episode Bad Apple!. Ralph built Jimmy the Robot to help with chores around the apple farm, but Jimmy ran away to fulfill his dreams in the big city. Ralph is a scientist/farmer who has recently been using science to engineer/mutate giant produce. Martha makes a mean apple pie.



Ralph Goodman is a middle aged man with white hair and glasses. He is seen wearing a lab coat over a blue shirt and tan pants.


Martha Goodman has red hair in a bun, and wears glasses and a blue dress with white dots on it.


Ralph Goodman is a brilliant scientist, responsible for creating Jimmy to help with chores around the farm.

Martha has no unique abilties, but is a loving mother and bakes a mean apple pie.



Martha cares deeply for her son, and understands that he left the farm to pursue his dreams.

Ralph, at first, was angry at Jimmy, accusing him of abandoning his responsibilities, leading to a tense argument and stand off with him. However, Ralph still deeply cared for his son, collecting newspaper and magazine articles about the accomplishments of Jimmy and the Aquabats. After working together to save Martha, Ralph understands why Jimmy left, and expresses how proud he is of him, encouraging to keep doing what he loves.

The AquabatsEdit

Ralph and Martha seemed to be on friendly terms with the rest of the Aquabats, as Martha invited them to dinner at their farmhouse.

Each otherEdit

While both Ralph and Marta obviously love each other, they are still at odds over Jimmy's disappearance.  Ralph is still angry about him leaving, and Marta still blames Ralph for Jimmy running away before and gets angry at him when he almost drives Jimmy away again.

But like old married couples, they show a lot of love, with Marta understanding Ralphs complex pride in his son's achievements, and with Ralph being visibly distraught over Marta's consumption by a giant worm


  • Ralph Goodman is played by Mark Mothersbaugh, of the band Devo. He also worked with The Aquabats on Yo Gabba Gabba, where he had a reoccurring drawing segment.


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