The Fox Man is a background character that appears in every episode of The Aquabats! Super Show! He is used as an Easter Egg in the show for viewers to find. He never interacts with, or is acknowledged by, any of the characters, even when he appears very close to them.

He is played by, and is a pun on the name of, Joel Fox, the visual effects supervisor.


Episode Photo Description
Season 1 Episode 1:


The Fox Man can be seen running behind the picnicing family as ManAnt begins his attack.
Season 1

Episode 2:

Mysterious Egg!

Seen running behind the BattleTram as the bats arive to save Ricky from Jimmy Jr.
Season 1

Episode 3:


Can be seen on the Ferris Wheel as EagleClaw starts his flashback.
Season 1

Episode 4:

Laundry Day!

Seen behind Dr. Eva Mudlark (or maybe one of her ancestors) during her flashback of her family's oppression.
Season 1

Episode 5:


Can be seen crossing the street as the bats drop off the party goers off.
Season 1

Episode 6:

Haunted BattleTram!

Seen digging at a grave during the opening shot of the episode.
Season 1 Episode 7:

Cowboy Android!

Can be seen acting surprised by the commotion caused by the M.C. Bat Commander charging at the gallows. (very fast appearance)
Season 1

Episode 8:


Seen playing golf behind Eaglebones and the M.C. Bat Commander as they catch up to the ancient tree.
Season 1

Episode 9:

Pilgrim Boy!

Can be seen running from the Giant Potato Bug during the president's announcement on Television.
Season 1

Episode 10:

Floating Eye of Death!

Seen buying a newspaper as the zombies drag Tina out to The Floating Eye of Death.
Season 1

Episode 11:

Night of the Cactus!

One of the cacti is not as it appears. His bright tail can be seen most clearly as he stands like a cactus around the crater.
Season 1

Episode 12:


Can be seen hiding behind a tree as Carl drives the stolen BattleTram by the bats.
Season 1

Episode 13:


Seen in the crowd gathered about Space Monster 'M's giant robot. This is the episode where he can be seen in the most shots.
Season 2

Episode 1:

Return of The Aquabats!

Seen in Eaglebones' back story before he encounters the Aquabats!
Season 2

Episode 2:

Summer Camp

Seen almost being shot by the M. C. Bat Commander. The Commander was trying to shoot Bigfoot.
Season 2

Episode 3:

Bad Apple

Seen running in the back after Jimmy saves his mother.
Season 2

Episode 4:

The Thingy

Seen trying to walk in the snow while Jimmy is looking for The Thingy outside the BattleTram!
Season 2

Episode 5:

The Anti-Bats

Seen in a line at the carnival scene (very fast appearance).
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