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The Battle Tram

The Battle Tram is a custom-built vehicle, as well as the primary mode of transportation and mobile base of operations for The Aquabats in The Aquabats Super Show, built for them, in The MC Bat Commander's origin cartoon, by The Professor.

The interior of it is much larger then the exterior, it contains living quarters and facilities for the whole group, and also features several defensive and offensive weapons, such as missile launchers. In The Return of the Aquabats!, the BattleTram was upgraded.



Season 1Edit

Version 2.0Edit



Season 1Edit

Version 2.0Edit


The BattleTram has many rooms, being much bigger on the inside than it looks on the outside.


The cockpit is located at the front of the BattleTram.  It contains the main driving controls for the BattleTram, such as auto pilot, as well as weapons and flight controls.

Almost all of the Aquabats have driven at one time or another.  But the normal seating order is for Jimmy to be driving, the MCBC to be riding shotgun, Crash sitting behind the Commander, and EagleBones and Ricky sitting behind Jimmy.

Living/Main Ops RoomEdit

(Contains computer displays, kitchen, couch, refrigerator, and large screen for transmissions, news reports, or playing video games, as well as a hidden turntable and disco ball)

Bunkroom and Locker AreaEdit

(Contains bunks for The Commander, Eaglebones, Ricky, and Crash, as well as lockers for personal items)


(chamber accessed by sliding door, containing metallic toilet and sink)

Jimmy's Room/LabEdit

(has a System Recharger for Jimmy's artificial systems, a lab set, and various scientific machines)


(accessed by a special hallway)


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Aquabats TriviaEdit

Production triviaEdit

  • The original BattleTram from the pilot was sold after filming to help pay for the postproduction.


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