The BattleTram is The Aquabats' means of transportation as well as living quarters and command center. The outside is the size of an average motorhome, while the inside is much larger (similar to Doctor Who's TARDIS).



The BattleTram is black with blue, white and gray stripes. The interior follows a color scheme of purple, white, gray and blue.


The BattleTram as seen in "Mysterious Egg!"

  • Cockpit
  • Conference/Lounge/Kitchen
  • Restroom
  • Bunk room
  • Jimmy's lab
  • Hallways

Season 2Edit

In season two, The Battletram gets a tuneup thanks to "A Secret Friend."
Screen shot 2013-07-13 at 3.56.40 PM

Modified Battletram, as seen in "The Return of The Aquabats!"

On top of fixing the smashed vehicle, the friend puts a giant "A" on the front bumper, makes it so The BattleTram can fly, and adds several other modifications.

Behind the ScenesEdit


The BattleTram for the pilot was a modified 1975 Winnebago, modified by Cosmic Joe.


  • A third axle was installed "to support this battle ready vehicle for turbo speeds and the use of rocket thrusters."
  • A glass, rooftop dome allows 360-degree visibility of bad guys.
  • The split door hatch on the driver's side is for "motorcycles or personal hovercraft."
  • The giant AquaSpoiler keeps the battle tank on the ground when it's doing rocket-propelled speeds.

There were no live action shots of the interior.


The BattleTram exterior was made from a 1973 GMC motorhome, also modified by Cosmic Joe. Modifications:

  • The rear was extended out from the roof to accommodate a ramp door.
  • Fins and railing were added to the roof.
  • A rooftop dome was added.
  • "Jets" added on the rear.

The Interior, which had many large rooms, was built in a soundstage.


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