In the year 1998, The Aquabats! Had a plan to trick some studio executives into turning The Aquabats into a television show for the first time. The band signed a deal with Buena Vista TV (Disney) to produce a mini pilot for the show. The pilot flopped, and to this day The Aquabats have never released it.

Over the years, some details about the mini pilot have been leaked. Bobcat Goldthwait, who had previously worked with the band on the music video for "Super Rad!", was brought on to be the director, and Parker Jacobs was the creative producer. Along with being creative producer, Parker went on to design the sets for the show. One executive from Disney suggested they used special 3D effects so the band could literally take place in his drawings. They proceeded to film the show with a green screen, and put Parker's drawings as the backdrop.

The only things that have been released from this pilot are concept art for The Aquabats' underground laboratory set (Posted on Parker Jacobs' Instagram page), and a short clip of the pilot was featured in a video about The Aquabats history which was used for comic-con 2011, and can be seen on Youtube. There is very low chance The Aquabats will ever release this, mainly because numerous members of the band have mentioned how bad the pilot was.

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