The Aquabats! is a 15-minute-long radio show that airs on the online children's radio station GooberKidsRadio. It is part of the GKR Season 2 lineup of shows, created and mixed by GKR's host Trevor Goober. There was 2 episodes created.

Show SummaryEdit

In this ridiculously fun experience for kids of all ages (including the legions of fans of this popular alternative rock band), The Aquabats embark on a never-ending quest to right wrongs, destroy boredom and seek justice for all. They’re the greatest crime-fighting, kids rock band ever assembled!

Audio FeaturesEdit

The show uses recent music from the band and audio from the original 2008 pilot of "The Aquabats Supershow!".

Air DatesEdit

Although it has not be officially announced, the show has so far been planned to air on July 18 and October 10.

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