The Aquabats have attempted to have a television program three times, ultimately succeeding on their third attempt in 2013. Their first attempt came about when the Aquabats signed a contract with Buena Vista television studios to create a mini pilot about the comedy adventures of a rock band in 1997. The mini pilot, directed by comedian Bobcat Goldthwaite, was a awful let down for Buena Vista and for the Aquabats. It was later disowned by the band and the footage has not yet been released to public eyes. Their second attempt was The Aquabats! In color! Without the rights to create a full thirty minute episode, they used the music video budget for their "The Aquabats vs The Floating Eye of Death" album to create a this week/title/next week/end credits segment. Most of the footage in the segment was compiled of footage that would be used in the television show, had it become a reality. The Fox family channel, now owned by Disney, expressed interest in the pilot in 2001, two years after the it was made. But Disney bought the near bankrupt Fox family channel before it could order any episodes. Finally, after four years of no albums and decline, the Aquabats manage to find enough money to make a third pilot, due to the success of their rumored last album, Charge. The pilot, called"Tortilla trouble" was soon to be made into The Aquabats! Super show! Another family channel expresses interest and orders 14 episodes, but soon after, the channel has all it's staff fired, due to the poor quality of one of it's shows. Soon after that the Discovery channel and Hasbro work together to create a new television channel called The Hub, and two major television excecutives show interest in the old pilot (since it came out eight years ago.) and order 22 episodes of The Aquabats! Super Show!

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