Title Tarantula
Album The Return of the Aquabats
Length 3:42

Tarantula is the 6th track of The Aquabats! release The Return of the Aquabats. Trivia: This was also one of Ben the Brain's favorite guitar lines to play.


Lyrics Edit

Marianne was a good girl
The daughter of Professor Jones
One fateful day during a walk through the jungle
She fell into the catacombs
Now it's dark and damp
And she's without a lamp
Will the Professor hear his daughter's cry?
Little does he know she's fallen into the pit
Of the beast with sixteen eyes


Professor Jones
He did not know
Professor Jones
He did not know
Where was his daughter?
Where did she go?
She's fallen to the beast of the webby hole
Tarantula! [x5]
With giant fangs
And eight hairy legs
The monster lives in an underground maze
Beneath the carpet of the Amazon jungle
It lies and waits for helpless prey
Now Professor Jones
Knew the legend of the monster
He found the mouth of the webby hole
Armed to the teeth he ventured forth
If he'd live or die he did not know


The Aquabats vs. The Tarantula!Edit

1999/2000 Cadet Summit (short clip):

The Aquabats! - Battling the Tarantula!

The Aquabats! - Battling the Tarantula!

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