Directed by Bobcat Goldthwaite in 1997.
Produced by Goldenvoice Records

Summary[edit | edit source]

The video starts out with a young Aquacadet in trouble who calls the Aquabats for help. The distress signal is sent to The Professor who sends out the call to the Aquabats, who are each living their daily lives. The eyes of the bats on their belts light up as each Aquabat is called to action and they assemble to help the Cadet in trouble and perform other tasks of courage. These include fighting Cyclopfenstein, battling The Sandfleas and helping a cat out of a tree for an ungrateful girl cadet. Inexplicably, there's a spaceship and an Aquabat dog at the end.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Famed "Green" Actor Ed Begly Jr. is seen driving the electric car with Jimmy the Robot
  • The band is said to have been not entirely pleased with Bobcat's vision, as the original concept differed a lot from the final product.
  • The Aquabat dog was Bobcat's own dog that he insisted on including in the video.
  • Mysterious Kyu dropped pretty far when he stepped off that cliff.
  • There's a framed picture of The Pigbat behind Catboy when he is hit with the frying pan.
  • The miniature flying aquabats were modified Ken dolls that were very detailed.
  • This was given light rotation on MTV and MTV2.
  • In 2000, VH1's "Battle of the Videos" (real title?) pitted "Super Rad!" against other videos. Bobcat was one of the judges and it ended up winning for that episode.
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