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"Summer Camp!"
Season 2, Episode 4
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Production Code: 204
Airdate: June 22, 2013
Director: Jason deVilliers
Written by: Matt Chapman
Dan Kelly
"The Return of the Aquabats!"
"Bad Apple!"

"Summer Camp" is the second episode of the second season of The Aquabats Super Show, although it was accidentally aired as the fourth episode.


The gang appear at a camp and face an enigmatic Were-Ape while searching for missing cadets.


(Contains Spoilers)

The Aquabats spend the summer participating at Camp Radventures, a summer camp where kids are trained in The Aquabats' superpowers to become AquaCadets. When a group of campers are kidnapped in the middle of the night, the band realizes it's the work of a mythical shapeshifting beast, and the Commander's suspicions quickly fall upon the camp's beloved and irrepressibly perky counselor Jewel.



Origin Cartoon[]

The MC Bat Commander tells about The Aquabats' origins, recounting the band's original Aquabania mythos while quoting from their 1997 song "Theme Song!". This segment is animated in the same Anime style of the first season's cartoons.

Lil Bat cartoon[]

Lil Bat, a la Frankenstein, uses a laboratory set to power a microwave in order to cook a TV dinner. He settles in to watch ManAnt!


A commercial for Captain Turnip's Grocery Island grocery store. It is a very clean grocery store. Messy people were not allowed there, but however in Bad Apple!, the Aquabats destroy the flea beetle in the store, causing themselves to be fired by the staff, only to find out that the flea beetle came from a farm where The Goodmans live.


"Summer Camp!"[]

The campers sing a song as we see a typical day at the camp.

"The Aquacadet Anthem!"[]

The anthem for the Aquacadets and Camp Radventures.

"Love, Love, I'm Falling In Love"[]

The song that plays as Jewel is walking away with Bigfoot and during the credits.


Cultural References[]

  • The popular jewels Camp Counselor Jewel uses may be a reference to a Bedazzler, a decoration tool used to attach fake gems to all manner of materials.

Aquabats Trivia[]

  • When the Aquabats are walking the rescued kids back from the cave, Crash is telling them a story about what happened in Haunted BattleTram! (Although actually Crash locked himself in the bathroom after a run-in with the ghost and missed most of what happened)
  • The Fox Man is seen as the MCBC attempts to shoot him, mistaking him for the big-foot monster.
  • This is the only episode to have both subtitles in English and Arabic. However, the two puppet episodes in The Aquabats RadVentures have both subtitles in English and Arabic.

Production Trivia[]




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