April 30th, 2005Edit

At Soma in San Diego, California.


Puffy AmiYumi
The Aquabats!


This was the second of two shows featuring the Aquabats! opening for J-pop sensations Puffy AmiYumi, the first being at Los Angeles' Wiltern Theatre on April 29th.

Amongst the villains fought were The Time Sprinkler (clad in a silver wizard suit, who threatened the audience with his powers of "sprinkling time") and his henchman, a giant tree, of whom was dispatched by Chainsaw's guitar-throwing abilities. Kitty Litter, The Cat Who Throws Trash, also made a brief appearance, but was quickly defeated by a rousing performance of "Throw Away the Trash".


Fashion Zombies! (opener)
Throw Away the Trash!
Lovers Of Loving Love


During Puffy AmiYumi's encore, the band's lead guitarist took the stage in a blue rashguard, helmet and goggles.

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