I just wanted some Snakey Snacks!
Name Snakey
Gender male
Species Hairy Tentacle Monster
Introduced In Mysterious Egg!
Played by Brad Davis
Snakey is a furry tentacle monster from The Aquabats! Super Show! His first appearance was in Mysterious Egg! where he was apparently blown up by Jimmy.


Snakey is a tall, brown-furred beast who has no visible arms, but has a varying amount of tentacles that he can manipulate and regrow. They might be cybernetic in nature, as they seem to be made of metal, and they make servomotor sounds when in use.

Snakey has very big eyes and an even bigger mouth, suitable for gobbling down Snakey Snacks. His legs are very broad and bulky, suggesting that they are strong, rather than fast or agile. Snakey is at least one or two feet taller than Crash McLarson when the latter is not a giant.


In addition to his large physical size, Snakey can use his tentacle pincers to rip and tear certain materials with relative ease. His tentacles also enable him to grab and shred some wicked licks on a guitar with little or no effort.

Snakey is able to speak English, although when he first appears, he speaks only in monster screams.

Snakey also possesses regenerative capabilities: if one of his tentacles is pulled off, several more tentacles grow in its place. It is not known if there is a limit to these abilities, nor if he can regrow other parts of his body.

However, despite Snakey's formidable attributes, he is not completely indestructible. He appears to be vulnerable to laser fire, as Jimmy the Robot blows him up with his finger lasers in "Mysterious Egg!" Snakey also seems to be weak to mothers who can laser twirl and then hit him with a broom, though it is unknown whether the broom actually defeats him physically, or if it just annoys him enough to leave.


Snakey hates The MCBC for using his habitat for a home furnishings retailer ad, he warns him to back off every time,

Pilgrim Boy shape-shifted into a duplicate Snakey in an attempt to reason with him. It worked, but Snakey called him a fraud

Snakey SnacksEdit

Snakey Snacks are a product advertised in the episode "Pilgrim Boy!"

They are apparently so good that Snakey wants them back. The commercial features Snakey sneaking up on two children and then eating their snacks. When the children's mother appears, Snakey say "Aw man. Not again!" suggesting that this is a common occurrence.


  • As stated in the commentary track for the episode EagleClaw!, Brad Davis of Adventure Drums is inside the costume playing Snakey in "Mysterious Egg!" It is unknown whether the performance is all Brad or whether another actor wore the costume for other scenes.


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