Ska Robot Army
Title Ska Robot Army
Album The Return of the Aquabats
Length 2:11

Ska Robot Army is the 3rd track of The Aquabats! release The Return of the Aquabats.

Lyrics Edit

Well, Alright!
Are you ready to rock?
It's time to party!!
Drop and give me five skanks, you monkey butt!
You're from Orange County...
Pick it up! Pick it up, pick it up! You Maggot!
They're coming to take over
Look out behind you and
Beware of the Ska Robot Army!
There's a rip in your Flight Jacket!

Unintelligible background talking/yelling

Rude boy, grab your ankles and do the skank!
Time for Midget Punching 101
Watch it!
Huh Huh

Unintelligible background talking/yelling

They're Playing too fast!
Rude Boy! Rude Girl! Skinhead!
Chewbacca! Chewbacca! Lake Titicaca!
Chewbacca's on a scooter man, holy crap!
They're coming to take over
To terrorize the earth
They're skanking in their best suits, so
Beware of the Ska Robot Army!
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