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The Skatalites' manager called us and asked us to be on an upcoming tribute compilation, and once again, befuddled by irony, we reluctantly accepted. On one hand, we were honored that such an incredibly legendary band would ask us a bunch of sarcastic hacks to cover one of their songs. And on the other hand, we were totally intimidated to try to do a real ska song. So we didn't do it ska, we did a hack jazz version of "Ska Ba" with a totally stupid intro. We wanted to do something kind of original, and something that our fans would expect from us. Again, it was hard to have so much respect for The Skatalites, and be The Aquabats at the same time. Apparently, they liked the track, but none of the other bands did.

Lyrics Edit

I think somebody's at the door
Somebody answer the door
I don't wanna get the door
Ah I'll get the door
Ahhhhhhh Oohhhhhh
I am the Ska Boss!
The Ska Boss? Who's the Ska Boss?
Me you silly
That is right; I am the Ska Boss
Yes, yes I am
I am the Ska Boss
Yes, yes
Yes, I am
I am the Ska Boss
Ah Ha
That is me, yes, that is me

Excuse me sir what's your name
I told you, I am the Ska Boss
Yes yes I am
Ska Boss needs food badly
Ska Boss is about to die
Senior, Como se llama?
Yo soy Ska Boss
Como se llama?
Yo soy Ska Boss

Trivia Edit

  • The lyrics "Ska Boss needs food badly" and "Ska Boss is about to die" are both references to lines spoken in video game series Gauntlet.
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