Silver Skull
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"I imbue you with the power of pure Armageddon!"
Name Silver Skull
Gender male
Species unknown
Introduced In The Aquabats in Color!

Silver Skull has been an enemy of The Aquabats for many years.  He appeared in a new incarnation in The Aquabats Super Show during the episode AntiBats!.

He has always been considered one of The Aquabats more deadly foes, possibly second only to Space Monster 'M'. During his attack on the Aquabats, he has employed giant robots, evil doppelganger minions, and even has taken The Aquabats on himself in his attempts to thwart their good-doing.


Super ShowEdit

He wears a silver metallic skull mask covering his face, and a hooded black coat with red trim covering a bodysuit with black gloves and boots, and a belt with a skull symbol. He also carries a walking stick.

Pre Super ShowEdit

The Silver Skull is a ghastly apparition, who is able to summon any enemy. His Presence means trouble! The Silver Skull stands at about seven feet tall, and is known by his large silver skull head. He also uses an attack of green ghost fire.


Super ShowEdit

  • Master of disguise (Disguised himself as the general)
  • Can grant power to others (Done so with The AntiBats)
  • Can disappear and reappear in a cloud of smoke

Pre Super ShowEdit

  • Able to Summon any Foe
  • Flames of Death


Super ShowEdit

The AquabatsEdit

Silver Skull is an enemy of the Aquabats, though the reason is unknown.

The AntiBatsEdit

The AntiBats are his minions, and willingly follow him, Beard Bat refers to him as "Mighty Dark Lord", and Leader calls him "My Lord". However, when Ricky Fitness returned to help his friends, they abandoned him and took off.

Pre Super ShowEdit



  • The Silver Skull enjoys a real fruit smoothie
  • The Silver Skull bought those belt buckles in bulk
  • It's unclear why he needed a cane besides looking awesome
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