Many speculated The Aquabats! did this as a prank, but do to the change of photos on the MerchNow website it's now widely accepted as MerchNow's failed attempt at correctly displaying Aquabats! gear.

Any cadet or civilian who wears the silver anti negativity helmet will not only radiate ultra super radness, but also look exactly like a member of The Aquabats – at least from the neck up! These were originally created by Catboy, who sewed pieces of scrap westsuit material together. Thanks to this, your hair can stay nice and dry from the rain or nasty crowd surfer sweat! The helmets were usually only available to fans in black, until 2006 when official silver helmets were sold online a few months after the releasing of the limited edition Charge Rashguard. They were a rarer item to collect, until 2011 when they became available at the new online Store. The newer ones have a blue camoflage design inside the helmet as seen in the bottom photographs.

Full Look at the blue camo.


A quick look inside shows the now odd decision for blue camo.

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