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Sandy Face
Myths Legends Cover.jpg
Title Sandy Face
Album Myths, Legends, and Other Amazing Adventures, Vol. 2
Length 2:58

Sandy Face is the 12th track of The Aquabats! release Myths, Legends, and Other Amazing Adventures, Vol. 2, and was featured on the compilation sampler album Rice Capades.

Myth's Mini Site Commentary[]

This was another song that almost made it onto "The Floating Eye," but was just a little too out there musically. Inspired by great '80s groups like Wall of VooDoo, Oingo Boingo, and the song, "Mohawk Town" by The Vandals, this is a story of lost love in the Old West . . . . . . on another planet. Hippie slavery, one-eyed dogs, and a girl with sand all over her face. It brings a tear to my eye, even though I have no idea what I'm talking about. Thom Wilson, musical svengali, said that the rapping on this song was so 'white', that he wanted to drive his station wagon to the bowling alley and grab a wonder bread sandwich. We recently dug up an early digital instrumental version of "Sandyface" which is pretty strange, but yet fun to hear. We decided to put it up here so you can download it and check it out for yourself.


I loved a girl named Sandyface,
She lived outside of town
In a tent made of diapers
In the sand she laid face down
She had a pillow of cactus
And her bed was desert land
I suppose they called her Sandyface
'Cause her face was covered in sand
And I remember her sandy face
And I remember her sandy smile
That Sandy was the apple
Of many bloodshot eyes
And one day she fell victim
To a sheep in wolf's disguise
They said a man with banana bread
And a beehive on his chin
Sold my love to the Grateful Dead
Stole her land and then cashed in
There's a one-eyed dog
With horns like a yak,
Wax lips and a broken back
His feet in front face the opposite
Of his hind legs in the back
He tried to save that sandy girl
From the city man disease
But was stung to death
By all the pets
Of the man with the beard of bees
Oh, Sandyface
I do recall
Oh, Sandyface
I could not do it all!
Dr. Rock was on a jog
Saw my dear in the parking lot
Selling grilled cheese sandwiches
In hippy slavery
Dr. Rock tried to free my love
But he had no gun
So he dialed me collect
On 10-10-321
I got the call from Dr. Rock
Raced down to the scene
But Sandy had been swept away
Into the Rainbow Sea
Swim, swim away
Oh, Sandy
Swim so far away from him
Swim far away from this place
Just keep that sand on that face!
But it was too late....
I went back to that stinky place
Where I first met my Sandy, but
Whitey and his beard of bees
Had built a Pizza Hut
So I bought a slice in memory
Poured sand on the cheese
And as I ate
Off that sandy plate
I missed my one-eyed dog
And now it's over
The tide has washed her face
And now it's
Oh Sandyface
I do recall
Oh Sandyface
I could not
Do it at all

The Lazy Bee 01:17, 22 June 2008 (UTC)