Punk Goes Metal

Punk Goes Metal was the first compilation album to be released as part of the "Punk Goes..." series created by Fearless Records. It features covers of heavy metal songs by punk rock bands and was released on August 1, 2000.

The Aquabats' contribution, "Why Rock?", is actually an original composition, credited to fictional band "Leather Pyrate". To date, this remains the only non-cover to appear on a Punk Goes... covers compilation, excluding the Punk Goes Acoustic albums.

Track Listing Edit

  1. Divit - Breakin' The Law
  2. Jughead's Revenge - Talk Dirty to Me
  3. AFI - My Michelle
  4. Nigwig - War Assemble
  5. A New Found Glory - Heaven Isn't To Far Away
  6. Strung Out - Bark at the Moon
  7. The Ataris - I Remember You
  8. Link 80 - Harvester of Sorrow
  9. Guttermouth - Sexual Abuse
  10. Dynamite Boy - TNT
  11. Death By Stereo - Little Fighter
  12. Swindle - Youth Gone Wild
  13. Turnedown - I Don't Know
  14. Diesel Boy - Looks That Kill
  15. RX Bandits - Holy Wars
  16. Ten Foot Pole - Love Song
  17. The Aquabats - Why Rock
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