The Aquabats uniform would not be complete without The Power Belt. The Power Belt has changed slightly throughout the years but has stayed an iconic piece of fashion.

The "Classic" BeltEdit


The first power belt worn by The Aquabats. The belts worn by the band were made of Naugahyde Vinyl and were made by Paul Frank. The belts were often Vinyl on Vinyl (as opposed to being printed). A variation with blinking red eyes on the bat can be seen in the music video for Super Rad!.

The belts of this design that were sold were also made by Paul Frank, but were printed on white vinyl.

The "FEOD" BeltEdit


This belt was worn around the release and tour of The Aquabats! vs. The Floating Eye of Death!. It was also made by Paul Frank and was vinyl sewn to vinyl (although the bat was printed). This design was never sold to the public.

The "CHARGE!!" BeltEdit


This belt design was introduced in the early 2000s. This new design was a complete change from the previous belt with a new shape, new color and new shapes. This design also had an extension(not pictured) on it to accommodate the ever-growing girth of the band. The maker of this belt is unknown.

There were two small batches of this design made for fans. The first batch was sold at shows in 2007 and was known for being "messed up". While the print was accurate, the belt was cut in the old wrestling belt design. The second batch was sold in 2008 and was cut correctly and only differed from the band's in that it did not have a border. Both batches were very small and seem to be harder to find than the older Paul Frank belts.

The "Super Show!" BeltsEdit

This belt deasign was introduced in The Super Show, and the final version has been worn live since. These belts were made of layers of sewn vinyl and were custom fit to each member's girth. This design was the first design to have utility pockets, although the pick pocket was the only functioning pocket.

Belt 1Edit

TASS1 Belt

This belt was worn by the band in episodes 1 and 4. As well as worn by the teddy bear in episode 10.

Belt 2Edit

TASS2 Belt

This Belt was worn by the band in episodes 1 and 5.

Belt 3Edit

TASS3 Belt

This belt was worn by the belt for most of season 1 and all of season 1.5 and 2.

This design was made into a consumer version made by Aleeda. Although it's not the same exact design, it's more of a cheap costume interpretation.

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