"Please Don't Kill Us, We're Not The Aquabats"
Release Date: n/a
Tracks: 15
Please Don't Kill Us, We're Not The Aquabats was a tribute album to The Aquabats that was being made in 2007. Sadly, only some of the bands submitted their tracks, so the album never went any further.


The story goes that Popcicle and Sheriff Benson were the ones who orchestrated it all. They were trying to do it in secret to surprise the Aquabats with it. But there was the problem of rights and sales and profits and the whole legality of the thing, so it was a combination of all that and not receiving all the songs that made the album fizzle out.

Track ListingEdit

  1. Vote No - Robot Theme Song!*
  2. P. Lacquers - Adventure Today!*
  3. 12 Cents For Marvin - Tarantula!*
  4. Corporate Fandango - Martian Girl!* (listen)
  5. Heat Vision - Powdered Milk Man!*
  6. Anti-Fun Society - Meltdown!*
  7. Ian Luckey - Sequence Erase*
  8. Lederhosen Lucil - Bombe Chimique
  9. The JV All*Stars - Plastic Lips!* (listen)
  10. Half Past Two - Ska Robot Army!*
  11. 14 Year Old Girls - Lovers Of Loving Love!
  12. Uncle Monsterface - Worms Make Dirt!* (listen)
  13. Peelander-Z - Amino Man!
  14. The Irregars - Awesome Forces!
  15. Sleepyheads Wake Up! - Hello Goodnight
*songs that were actually sent inEdit
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