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"Playin' It Cool!" is the 3rd track on The Aquabats! release Radio Down!.


Oh, I have a crush, but I'm not going to rush things..
I'll hang back and play it cool
Hang back, playin' it cool...
Yeah, I really like this girl, But she
Don't have a clue about it
I'm acting smooth and playin' it cool
Hang back, playin' it cool

My friends all say I should call her today
Or send her some candy and flowers
But, that ain't my style, I'm gonna give it a while
While lurking in the shadows...

I'll stick with my plan, although she
Don't know who I am
It's all just part of playin' it cool
I want to sit down beside her and tell her
That I like her
But, it's probably better that I'm playin' it cool
Hang back, playin' it cool

Playin' it cool!
Oh, that's my technique...
Playin' it cool!
I've been doin' it for weeks now...
Playin' it cool! And being discreet...
It's not a mistake, it's mystique...

Now I see this other guy hanging around
The girl I like, but
She'll never like him, He ain't playin' it cool
And they're holding hands, but this guy
Don't understand that
He's better off just playin' it cool, like me...
Hang back, playin' it cool...

She's thinking I'm mysterious,
Because I haven't said a word to her
Not even once
I look away when she smiles at me, and
Soon she will see
That I'm playin' it cool, And that she
Really likes me.