Title Playdough
Album The Return of the Aquabats!
Length 3:40

Playdough is the 1st track of The Aquabats! release The Return of the Aquabats. It was again featured as a bonus track on The Fury of the Aquabats! with an extended intro.


When I was a boy
I used to live in corduroy,
OP shirts, and slip-on Vans.
My life was so simple,
I had not one pimple,
My everyday was made up of these plans:
To ride my bike to Thrifty's,
on past the balls and ice cream
find the Star Wars figurines.
Thinking of my action men,
Kung-Fu grip and all,
What happened to them all?


Running through my old life
Looking for my lost toys
Where has all my fun gone?
Now that we're all older
Before we get much colder
Let's all look forward to the new dawn.
An anthem for my lost toys
Now that we're all big boys
We'll stand together and sing this song.
We'll sing this song, it's not too long
So everybody sing along:

When I was a little man
Playdough came in a little can
I was Star Wars' biggest fan
Now I'm stuck without a plan
GI Joe was an action man
Shaggy drove the mystery van
Devo was my favorite band
Take me back to my happy land

Now my brothers and sisters
I don't mean to make a scene
But I lost my action figures
and it makes me want to scream!
Greedo, Chewbacca, Luke, R2 and Han,
3PO, Yoda, Bobafett, Obi Wan.
Green Machine, Suckerman
Silly Putty, Lincoln Logs
Sitting in my Underoos
Reading christmas catalogs.
What happened to my action men and all?
What happened to it all?


Take me back to my happy land!
Take me back to my happy land!

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