The Piratebats! are a faction of The Official Aquacadet Fan Club and are made up of the following.


Captain - Bandit, The Prince of Cats
First Mate - Panama Jack (MachadoThorr)
Ship's Cook - Megamonk
Master [of Office Supplies] - Staples Guy
Bosun - London
Bosun - Mump
Bosun - Coldsteele
Bosun- ToastyBat
Quartermaster - PaperAirplane
Quartermistress - Queen of the Closet
Pilot & Resident Shoetyer - Captain Pizza
Coxswain - PointDexter
Coxswain - Ralph the Wonder Llama
Coxswain - Owen
Cabin's Boy - Jordy
Cabin's Boy - Ska God
Sea Monkey - The Beninator!!

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