Pilgrim Boy
I've had naught but oats, dry and unseasoned, for the past 90 days.
Name Pilgrim Boy
Gender male
Species human/shapeshifter
Introduced In Pilgrim Boy!
Played by Sam Levine

Pilgrim Boy is a boy dressed like a pilgrim. He is a shapeshifter, although changing his form is excruciatingly painful, so he doesn't like to do it. After being cajoled into shapeshifting for The Aquabats entertainment, he ultimately learns that heros must endure and defeats the giant potato bug. He is introduced in the episode Pilgrim Boy!


Season 1 episode 9 "Pilgrim Boy!"


The Pilgrim Boy can shapeshift to any shape he pleases, animate or inanimate, but it is very painful for him.

He can also destroy giant space bugs by singing to them.


Eaglebones falconhawk both pilgrim boy and eaglebones have made a friendship after eaglebones stood up for him when the other aquabats were causing him pain and didn't even know it and like when eaglebones encourages pilgrim boy to fight the giant space cricket.

Shapeshifting & HistoryEdit

his first ever form was a velociraptor with deadly spikes and claws, and had chest armour, his dad wanted to leave because of it, pilgrim boy left at 16 to go on his travels, he resided in newport rhode island, worked at the new yorker, charlotte il, orlando, fl, before finally residing in Belfast, where he got a job in the great victoria street area, he came back to america cause he got fired


his dad loved him, just his shapeshifting powers were the problem

his mum resides in Dublin

his favourite song is simple mind's don't you forget about me as he sung it with mc commander


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