Attacked by Snakes!
Title Attacked by Snakes!
Album The Fury of the Aquabats!
Length 2:43

My Skateboard! is the 11th track of The Aquabats! release The Fury of the Aquabats!.

Lyrics Edit

As one sits and waits
For something to happen
I, too, sat and waited for you to call
Well I waited too long and thought
'Hey maybe I should call you'
But by then you had already gone.


It's Friday night, I wanted to go out
I didn't want to go to no show
Didn't want to cruise Main-Street
I didn't want to go to no disco (no no)
I just wanted you to come over
Sit on the couch and hold me tight
But you went out with some dumb jock
And left me alone
With my skateboard tonight.
Now I'm out on my skateboard
And I'm pushing so hard
I'm pushing so hard
I want to see if I can see
If you're still home
But the lights weren't on
And you were gone
So on my way home, alone,
I took a short cut through the park
And just my luck
You were sitting in his truck
You were making out
With him in the dark!


Why'd you go and change your mind?/
You can pick and choose
But with him you're gonna lose
Every time (time t-i-ime)


Live VideosEdit

1998, Lawrence, KS:


4. The Aquabats! Live in Kansas 1998 - My Skateboard!

2007, Salt Lake City, UT:

The Aquabats - 2007 July 28 - My Skateboard

The Aquabats - 2007 July 28 - My Skateboard

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