The Pilot of the Moon
Name Mooncheese
Gender Male
Age unknown
Species Unknown/Alien
Introduced In ManAnt!
Voiced by Evan Sinclair[1]

Mooncheese is a villain that appears in the first three "It's A Cartoon!" segments seen in ManAnt!, Mysterious Egg!, and EagleClaw! He built the moon, which is actually a giant ship housing a mind-powered laser, and brought it to Earth. He captures the MCBC by luring him down a crater hole with a hologram of the puppy the MCBC dreamed about, and intends to use the MCBC's mind power to complete his laser and destroy Earth. The Aquabats rescue the MCBC and use their freshly caught jar of space bees to defeat Mooncheese. He was presumably killed when the moon blew up in a later segment.


Mooncheese is a light blue skinned alien of unknown origin. He has white ring markings on his bald head, and wears a white suit with gold trim on the sleeves and shoulders.  He has pointy fingers and feet and orange eyes.


Having created the moon as a giant laser, Mooncheese apparently has a great deal of technical know-how.  He also has telepathic and mental abilities, which he can use in a variety of ways.  He sees into people's minds, can telekinetically move objects, and can even create a physically solid prison that he calls Mind Jail. He also controls an army of Moon Shadow soldiers, but it is unknown if these beings are loyal to Mooncheese, or if they are constructs of his mind given form by his telepathy.


The MCBCEdit

With his plan to destroy Earth seemingly dependent upon securing the MCBC's mind energy, it can be speculated that Mooncheese has been aware of him for quite a while. He doesn't seem to think much of the commander, though, as he underestimates his ability to control that mind energy. This ultimately leads to his downfall.

The AquabatsEdit

Beyond the MCBC, Mooncheese doesn't seem at all interested in the other Aquabats. He sees them more as a nuisance when he traps them in Mind Jail, telling them to be quiet when they mock his inability to stop them from dancing.

Trivia Edit

  • Mooncheese lures The MCBC into a trap by use of a fake white puppy. This is similar to the way in which Manant lured Crash into a trap in the live action part of the show.
  • Many fans have noted how similar Mooncheese is in appearance to Piccolo, a famous villain from the DragonBall series.

Gallery Edit



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