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Originally Posted by Bandit: If you live near a surf/dive shop, usually they'll sell you scraps of neoprene for MAAD cheap. I got a sheet that was probably bigger than 50x80 for LESS than $10, so only go to aleeda if you're not near scrap neoprene, and if you really can't afford the $10 of scrap neoprene it'll cost you, then yeah, go for the duct tape or volley ball.

Originally Posted by Jordy: I used the souls of 1000 virgins, and some duct tape.

Originally Posted by Baron Von Ottobat: Go to, there you can purchase sheets of neoprene. (which is what the helmets and masks are made of) The right stuff is 1 sided 2mm thick and $45.00 for a sheet that measures 50"x80".

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Originally Posted by mikeyskas: what i did is i took a foam volley-ball and i cut it open and took just the foam part, i then formed it into a helmet shape, then just spray paint it wat ever color you wish

Originally Posted by penguinbat: I know this isn't a high-quality deal, but I actually made mine of out duct tape. I had short hair so i just put a ring around the top of my head (sticky out...) and then covered the sticky side with the sticky side of another ring, so that no glue was exposed. from there i made arcs from one side to the other... and when i had a little "cap" i made it longer in the back and put the little "widow's peak" in the front. it's not immaculate... but if money's an issue it isn't bad.

Originally Posted by Jordy: Ryan Booth made a pretty sweet one out of the hood of a hoodie. I'd find an old one without a pointy top and do it like that.

Originally Posted by Bandit: Then your best bet is to trace a friend's helmet, or get one of the kind boardies with an official helmet (not me; i'm without a legit helmet) to trace the panels individually and scan them (scale) for you, and then cut those out of the neoprene, and just sew them. I sewed mine by hand because i had too thick neoprene for a machine, but i'm not even sure i would trust a sewing machine to NOT destroy the neoprene, but if you're ballsy, use a zig-zag stitch across the seams.

My biggest regret is getting neoprene that was too thick, and being terrible at sewing.

Originally Posted by Nick Sucks: its just neoprene. I bought one but when I got it I realized that it would be so easy to make. All you need is a sheet of neoprene and a sewing machine or needle and thread I guess and some scissors. basically just try and find a close-up pic of one of the helmets. Its only 3 cut pieces of neoprene sewn together. I think it'd be pretty easy

Originally Posted by AWESOME LAD: this is an amazing tutorial I found on instructables. Anti Negativity Helmet Tutorial

Orignally Posted by Dave-Edge: Update instructables thought it would be a good idea to chardge people for there service to view pdfs. If anyone has them saved please help and link or upload them here.

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