Lanolin Lady is the super powered wife of SuperMagic PowerMan. She helps him fight evil, and seems to be the faster, although physically weaker of the two. In Showtime!, she is first seen along with her husband saving a supposedly helpless girl who was held hostage by a group of aliens. After a short shootout, they evaporated all of the aliens and rescued the girl. However, unbeknowst to the duo and the crowd, the helpless girl was actually Space Monster 'M' in disguise, who takes the amulet from SuperMagic PowerMan without much restistance. Shortly after putting the amulete on, he shorted it and evaporated him with the laser beam much to horror of the crowd and Lanolin Lady. Seconds later, paralyzed with shock, she too was also vaporised by the Super Magic Power Amulet soon afterwards.


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Lanolin Lady has the the ability of super speed which allowed her to run and fly incredibly fast. Because of her short screen time, super speed and flight are the only powers that she’s been known to have.


Lanolin Lady was the wife and crime-fighting partner of SuperMagic PowerMan.


  • Lanonlin is a yellow, fatty substance found in sheep's wool.
  • Ricky Fitness has a crush on her
  • She outlived her husband by 6 seconds.


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