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Once again, why ask The Aquabats to be on a Tribute to Operation Ivy record? i just don't get it. Back in '87, I thought Operation Ivy were great, and I still do. I have much respect for what they did and what they stood for, and it continues with Rancid. It was so hard to agree to do this, because how could we be serious about anything? We're not worthy to. Anyway, we decided to do a rap version of knowledge, but it sucked SO bad, it seemed rather disrepectful, not clever. After four hours of recording, we went out and bought a $30 acoustic guitar, and in one half hour did a campfire sing-along version of one of the most sing-alongable covered punk songs ever. Much love to Operation Ivy, and much love to Bill Murray and the movie, "Meatballs" for the inspiration.

"All I know is . . ." ". . . it just doesn't matter!"


I know that things are getting tougher
When you cant get top off from the bottom of the barrel
Wide open road of my future now...
Its looking fu..(now you're getting a little rowdy there kids)narrow
All I know is that I dont know nothing
We get told to decide
Just like as if im not gonna change my mind
All I know is that I dont know nothing
Whatcha gonna do with yourself
Boy better make up your mind
Whatcha gonna do with yourself boy
You're running out of time
This time I got it all figured out
All I know is that I dont know nothing...
And thats fine
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