Kitty Litter
The cat who throws trash
Name Kitty Litter
Species cat
Kitty Litter, the cat who throws trash, is a villain in The Aquabats universe. Infamous for his littering tendencies, he is known to appear at shows and throw trash into the audience in an attempt to make the world a dirtier place. He also has the ability to disguise himself by changing his fur color at different shows, but can't seem to disguise his size; or the trash bag.


His normal appearance is a 6-foot tall grey tabby cat distinguishable from normal cats by his immense size and the bag of trash he habitually lugs around with him.


Able to throw trash everywhere

Onstage BattleEdit

Normally when he appears at shows and begins littering the audience, the most common way The Aquabats beat him is by playing the song Throw Away the Trash!, from Yo, Check Out This Ride!. This is usually accompanied by the MCBC holding a large trash can into which the audience returns the refuse that Kitty Litter has spread everywhere. Sometimes, even trash that wasn't distributed by Kitty Litter, such as water bottles, shoes of crowd surfers, and The Sandfleas' CD's, make it into the trash can as the audience furvrently battles the filth left by Kitty Litter. Following his creed to only use violence as a last resort, the MCBC almost invariably ends the battle by smashing the now full trash can down on the trash throwing feline. This effectively finishes Kitty Litter, who is already weakened by the cleanliness of the venue.

Known appearances at venues Edit

Kitty Litter has made documented attempts to disrupt Aquabats' shows at the following venues:

Appearance in Throw Away the Trash! Game Edit

Sheriff Benson created a flash game developed around the song Throw Away the Trash! In it, the player controls the MCBC as he holds the trash can where The Kids are throwing trash. In the opening screen of the game, Kitty Litter can be seen in one of his color variations: white with black paws and a grey head.

Throw Away the Trash game

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