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Jimmy the Robot
"I am a loving, caring protector of mankind."
Name Jimmy the Robot
Real Name James Briggs
Super Powers Robotic strength, super science and math skills, finger missiles, various laser based weapons
Instruments played: Keyboards / Saxophone
Years active 1997 - present
Albums played on Myths, Legends, and Other Amazing Adventures, Vol. 2
The Aquabats! vs. The Floating Eye of Death!

Hi-Five Soup!


Jimmy in the "Super Show" animated segments

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Jimmy the Robot is of average build. He has some heft to him, but that's probably because he needs to store all of his robotic components. He can detach parts of his body seemingly without harm, allowing him to sustain damage in battle.

Unlike the other Aquabats, his Anti-negativity helmet is built into his head, and wraps around his chin to provide his jaw hinges with more support. He also has metallic hands and arms that can be seen even when he plays at shows.


Jimmy the Robot is the team's science officer, and is primarily found working in the lab. He spends most of his time inventing weapons, gadgets and machinery, or enveloped in research. He is also the most common driver of the BattleTram, although all the other Aquabats have driven at some point.


Being a robot, Jimmy commonly misunderstands human emotions and behavior, but he does care for things, such as his fellow Aquabats. He shows a great capacity for companionship, and even has been shown to crave human interaction on several occasions. He also loves his family dearly.

By nature, he is very friendly and helpful. He offers to do tasks without being asked, such as tuning EagleBones' guitar, and accepts requests without hesitation, such as when the MC asks him to figure out things all the time.

Jimmy is considered the most level headed of the group. Even with his time spent tinkering, he is still a very capable hero, easily keeping up with the others.  He is usually the one that the rest of the team turns to when they need to figure out something.

Origin Cartoon[]

In his origin cartoon, Jimmy states that he was created by his father, Professor Ralph Goodman, a brilliant scientist, to help with work around his family's apple farm, spending every day picking, cleaning, and coring apples. However, Jimmy had bigger dreams, he wanted more, and soon informed his mother that he was leaving for the city to do what he had always wanted to do, fight crime, in the park, while playing the saxophone, on horseback.

Upon arriving in the city, however, Jimmy discovered that things weren't so easy, having to work nights as a dishwasher to get by. One day, he stumbled upon an ad for a band seeking a saxophone playing robot. He contacted the band and joined.

Practice went well, until some thugs broke in to rob them. The band laughed, as they had no money, but this only infuriated the crooks, until Jimmy launched a thousand finger missiles, scaring them away. They then decided to fight crime together as a band, calling themselves The Aquabats.


In addition to housing a variety of built-in weaponry, Jimmy has a comprehensive robot brain, which helps him in battle just as much as his robot weapons.

Super Robot Brain[]

Jimmy's computer brain allows him to easily access news reports, scan for clues, or analyze evidence. Being a robot brain, the limits of his storage capacity are unknown. It is known that his robot brain has anti-viral software that he can use to repel invasive intruders.

His brainpower has definitely been of assistance to the Aquabats on numerous occasions. His quick thinking has up with ways to defeat monsters, keep space infections at bay, and even battle rampaging ghosts.

Assorted Robot Accessories[]

Jimmy also possesses other devices, such as a lighter and water sprayer in his fingers. This vast array of utilities and tools helps him in almost any situation.

Being a modular robot, he can remove parts of his body without lasting harm. He has even removed (or had removed) parts of his body for strategic purposes. Because of the modular nature of his limbs he can even upgrade them, such as when he attached a laser canon to his right arm.

Finger Lasers[]

Each of Jimmy's fingers houses a laser blaster inside, which he can use against villains. It is his signature weapon, and a very powerful one at that. While it causes some creatures to blow up, and some robots to fry their circuits, it doesn't seem to work on squishy creatures, like Dr. Eva Mudlark's muck monsters. Strangely sometimes, such as Bad Apple!, these are called "finger missiles" even though they appear to be laser beams.


The Aquabats[]

Jimmy considers the Aquabats his closest friends, though he can get a bit annoyed when they make fun of his robotic nature. He really wants to prove to them that he is a loving, caring protector of mankind.

He also shows a very acute sense of separation anxiety when he is away from the rest of his team. In the episode Floating Eye of Death!, after feeling alone and realizing the Floating Eye was the cause of his solitude, he went to work on a way to destroy it.

Mr. and Mrs. Goodman[]

In Bad Apple!, when discovering that the mutant "Flea Beetle" originated from the farming community in which his parents resided in, Jimmy ran the whole way to make sure his parents were okay, expressing great sadness at discovering what he thought were his parents skeletons, and relief when his mother was found to be alive and well.

Jimmy and his father at first didn't see eye to eye, due to Jimmy's decision to leave the farm and go to the city, but after working together to save Jimmy's mom from a mutant worm, they patched things up.

Jimmy Jr.[]

In Mysterious Egg!, Jimmy claimed the monstrous bird as his son, naming him "Jimmy Jr.", probably prompted by the jokes the other Aquabats were cracking at his expense.

He cared for the creature as if it was his own son, stopping Eaglebones from blasting it with his guitar. Eventually realizing he was not able to properly care for Jimmy Jr., Jimmy turns the care of his baby over to a random chicken he found on a nearby farm.

James Briggs[]

James Randall Briggs was born on February 27, 1978 and grew up in Redlands, CA. He has provided his saxophone talents to other projects as Bikeride and Yo Gabba Gabba. Besides music, he enjoys Major League Baseball (often catching games while on the road), and The Simpsons. He currently lives in Redlands and works for his family's coin shop.

Pre Super-Show[]


Robot's roll call in the 1999 pilot, The Aquabats in Color!.

Jimmy the Robot is the keyboardist and saxophone player for The Aquabats. He joined shortly after the Return of the Aquabats in 1997 and has been with the band ever since. He was originally known as Jaime the Robot courtesy of Catboy, who had spent some time in Uraguay and called Jimmy by his Spanish name. However, in attempts to make a TV show with Disney, Disney asked him to change it due to the trademarked "Hymie the Robot," from Get Smart.


James Randall The Robot Part I, or Jaime (HI-mee) the Robot, or Jimmy the Robot or Robot Cakes, or RoBeast, or J_TR, was born on May 3rd 1996. In order to create a more perfect android, The Professor presented this plan: to make a more perfect robot, we will work really hard to make a robot. So he did. And what a guy!



Vital Statistics[]

Real Name: Jello-Aquabat-Mechanically-Enhanced-Saxophonist-3000/Protoype (Acronymized into J.A.M.E.S. or for the Spanish speaking, J.A.I.M.E.)

Occupation: Automated Humanoid Apparatus

Place Of Birth: The Professor's Laboratory, California

Known Relatives: Atari 2600

Group Affiliation: The Aquabats

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 615 lbs

Eyes: Metallic

Hair: Metallic

Strength Level: The Robot possesses greater robot strength than that of regular robots in his class.

Known Super Human Powers: All of the robot's powers are super-human

Weapons: Detachable limbs to be used as bludgeon, ejectable punching fist, guided missiles from chest compartment (holds up to 9 rounds at one time), lasers from eye cavities, poisoned sarcasm, and the deadly X-Acto knife pinky toenail. The Professor continues to modify the Robot's weaponry and abilities.

Musical Likes: Jazz, Rock, Pop, Heavy Metal, Alternative Jazz, Heavy Jazz, Blues, Blues Metal, Pop Reggae Gospel, Techno Showtunes

Musical Dislikes: Beck (I think it has something to do with the Robot Zebra)

Turn Ons: Jazz, Rock, Pop, Heavy Metal, Alternative Jazz, Heavy Jazz, Blues, Blues Metal, Pop Reggae Gospel, Techno Showtunes

Turn Offs: Gary Busey

Capabilities: Speech, Salivation and Perspiration, Plays most woodwind instruments, Binaural hearing, Color binocular vision, Optional infra red vision

Degrees of Freedom: About 125 high degree of intelligence

Learning Methods: Rote memory, Vision imitation, Logical inference, Fuzzy logic, Neural networks, Children's Television Workshop, Nintendo 64


Internal Mechanisms: Pneumatics, Hydraulics, Steppers, Cogs, Blenders and Servos

Album Powers[]

The Fury Of The Aquabats:

Video commando bionic power

The Aquabats Vs. The Floating Eye Of Death:

Missiles, Computation


  • Jimmy's ONLY dream come true is that he actually wants to be a Human Boy.
  • When shooting the pilot for The Aquabats Super Show, Jimmy's hands were just painted silver, and it came off really easily. The paint got all over his keyboard, and he claims that some of it still hasn't come off.
  • Jimmy's finger lasers were originally envisioned as missile launchers, but this was changed as it would've been a difficult effect to produce on a consistent basis. His super attack in the Aquabattle! game is still depicted as missile launchers in his fingers, though.

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