Insania is The Margret Ray Of Aquabat Fandom. She is a very obsessed fan who is madly in love with The Aquabats, inasmuch as the Late Margret Ray was madly in love with David Letterman, who she fancied herself as his so-called wife.

Even though she was in love with these brave ska rock and roll superheroes, The Aquabats could NOT reciprocate their love back to her, because they were each all spoken for, that our heroes have wives and or girlfriends!

When the Aquabats could NOT defeat her, because it was against their code of honor to fight a woman with such powers as hers, they talked to Professor Monty, their beloved mentor, who told them that there was one superheroine who would fix their wagon when she hears a cry for help.

When our heroes said: HELP! DANGER WOMAN! HELP!, the karaoke crimefighter appeared and came to their rescue and fixed Insania's wagon, which drove her to turn herself in to the police, in which she said: Officer, please! Take me to jail! Lock the door and throw away the key! But, keep that crazy singing superheroine away from me, especially her crazy pets!

Somehow, by a strange twist of fate, she got released by Space Monster M and The World's Most Famous Villain Employer, Deathmatch and is working with them to get revenge on not only DangerWoman and The Aquabats, but also against America's Real Life Superhero, Feedback!

Description Of InsaniaEdit

Insania wears a green minidress with gold tights, a black cat domino mask, black cape with gold trim, a black utility belt and silver boots.

She has strong psychic mental mind control powers that she uses to drive men insanely in love with her, only to make them go insane with anger and hate.

Only a female singing superheroine can stop her evil powers and give her such a headache!

Villain AffilationsEdit

Her loyalities are to Space Monster M and Deathmatch, The World Famous Villain Employer.

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