I'm A Bad Thingy!
Title I'm A Bad Thingy!
Album n/a
Vocals The Thingy, as Jimmy the Robot

A song the Thingy sings in Thingy!, in the guise of Jimmy the Robot, about his nefarious plans to hijack the Battletram and turn the Aquabats into fuel.

I'm one bad Thingy with evil plans
I'm a master of disguise
And can transform into anyone
You'll never know just who I am!
It's a pretty cool trick I can do
But I've crashed my UFO
So now I need this vehicle
To fly me back to my galaxy
I'm a bad thingy!
And I know my new sweet friends
Won't mind at all
'Cause they'll be going with me
After I melt them down into a stew
That I'll use for my rocket fuel
Igniting me towards home
But it's still really a shame
That they'll never know
The true face of their good friend Thingy
I'm a bad Thingy!
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