The gig was November 16th, 2010. It was a damp night in Downtown Cleveland, Ohio. A heavy rain had just passed and the streetlights glimmered as you approached the House of Blues.


Koo Koo Kangaroo played first.

Then Suburban Legends.

Then The Aquabats!

Finished with Reel Big Fish.


There were two posters, one was quite lame. Only naming the bands that played.

There was another poster that was actually quite humorous showing a poster on a building saying "We Are All Aquabats." involving the M.C. Bat Commander holding his arms in the air and poking fun of the LeBron deal in Cleveland.

I will try to get a picture of that poster soon.


Songs played (in no particular order):

Fashion Zombies!

Martian Girl!

Lovers of Loving Love!

Pizza Day!

Super Rad!

Pool Party!

Nerd Alert!

Look At Me, I'm A Winner!

Captain Hampton and The Midget Pirates!

I am pretty sure I'm missing a few songs, but for the most part, they're here.


A lot of the jokes made that night involved the LeBron James leaving Cleveland deal. The most banter went on in the middle of Captain Hampton and the Midget Pirates.


Videos of the show:

thumb|left|300px|Super Rad! at House of Blues Cleveland!

thumb|300px|left|Aquabats fight Evil Scientists in Cleveland!

thumb|left|300px|Lovers of Loving Love!

thumb|left|300px|Aquabat Banter in Cleveland?!

thumb|300px|left|Captain Hampton! And LOTS OF BANTER!

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