On the weekend of Comi-Con 2008, the Aquabats booked the San Diego House of Blues for a special event of

Jimmy, Commander, and Crash introduce the pilot.

their own; the official premiere screening of the pilot of the Super Show in its entirety. The opening acts included a Yo Gabba Gabba dance party hosted by DJ Lance Rock and an Aquabat uniform clad MC Lars. For a simple and humble introduction, the unmasked band walked on stage and poked fun at the span of time the Aquabats TV show project has taken. The viewing hit a minor snag when the projector had to be rebooted, but fans remained in high spirits. The Aquabats treated the crowd to a full concert afterwards.


Fashion Zombies
Aqua Lars

MC Lars gets in the Comi-Con spirit by performing as an Aquabat.

Stuck In A Movie
Lovers of Loving Love
Look At Me, I'm a Winner
Pizza Day
Red Sweater
Captain Hampton
Awesome Forces
Hello Goodnight
CD Repoman
Super Rad
Pool Party
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