Homework Assignment #9 November 5, 2008Edit

Cadet factions have been around for years! They're now as much a part of cadets as the elusive missing cadet package purchase solution! Some of you have put great work into updating the wiki about your favorite factions but they could still use some work. I'm also hoping that some of you old school cadets can help flesh out the "Mint Army" (the original cadet faction) with info!

You can find the cadet factions page here: Category:Cadet_Factions

Extra Credit: Tons of information about cadets and cadet business has yet to be entered, such as how to be a cadet, when the packages will come back, what they're promised, the changes from the original package on through the years etc. If you have the time, and the money and the patience, log that in would ya!?


Results for this week are:

User: Pages contributed: 1 Days contributed: 1 Grade: √

13 November 2008Edit

   Official Aquacadet Fan Club‎; 05:17 . . (-1) . .

This week, an anonymous poster made one change and added himself to the list of cadets...

So its a pretty sad week on of work on the wiki :( not much else really even changed other than that, and no one really did anything with the factions.

I'm hoping you guys will have time to add stuff and adjust articles over this weekend, here's to hoping!

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